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Tek Guernsey

Updated: February, 2020

Dave Eaton, GU8ITE who was formerly with Tek Guernsey operation and had access to most of the Tektopics publications produced by volunteers.

Tektopics is an interesting newsletter as it is rich in subjects with appeal to all of us. These publications give a view into what Tek was doing on Guernsey and what employees did in their spare time. Also a lot of history about the island, the war and other things including cartoons and a look into how people entertained themselves (hobbies, etc). For those who remember Tek Guernsey and all the European subs we had, this gives an interesting and in-depth view of Tek’s operations and how Beaverton was viewed.

A descriptive overview of Tek Guernsey can be found here.

The following Tektopics publications are currently available and provided for the enjoyment of past employees and friends. No copyrights should be violated but if you see something that we missed, let us know and we’ll investigate further. Check back later for additions.

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1979-12.pdfTek-Topics_1979-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1979-09.pdfTek-Topics_1979-09.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1979-07.pdfTek-Topics_1979-07.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1979-05.pdfTek-Topics_1979-05.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1979-03.pdfTek-Topics_1979-03.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1979-01.pdfTek-Topics_1979-01.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1977-09.pdfTek-Topics_1977-09.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1977-06.pdfTek-Topics_1977-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1977-03.pdfTek-Topics_1977-03.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1976-12.pdfTek-Topics_1976-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1976-09.pdfTek-Topics_1976-09.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1976-06.pdfTek-Topics_1976-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1976-03.pdfTek-Topics_1976-03.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1975-12.pdfTek-Topics_1975-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1975-09.pdfTek-Topics_1975-09.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1975-06.pdfTek-Topics_1975-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1974-12.pdfTek-Topics_1974-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1974-10.pdfTek-Topics_1974-10.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1974-05.pdfTek-Topics_1974-05.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1968-12.pdfTek-Topics_1968-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1968-03.pdfTek-Topics_1968-03.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1967-12.pdfTek-Topics_1967-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1967-06.pdfTek-Topics_1967-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1967-03.pdfTek-Topics_1967-03.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1966-09.pdfTek-Topics_1966-09.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1966-06.pdfTek-Topics_1966-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1966-03.pdfTek-Topics_1966-03.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1965-12.pdfTek-Topics_1965-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1965-10.pdfTek-Topics_1965-10.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1965-08.pdfTek-Topics_1965-08.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1965-06.pdfTek-Topics_1965-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1965-04.pdfTek-Topics_1965-04.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1965-02.pdfTek-Topics_1965-02.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1964-12.pdfTek-Topics_1964-12.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1964-10.pdfTek-Topics_1964-10.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1964-08.pdfTek-Topics_1964-08.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1964-06.pdfTek-Topics_1964-06.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1964-04.pdfTek-Topics_1964-04.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1964-02.pdfTek-Topics_1964-02.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1963-11.pdfTek-Topics_1963-11.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1963-09.pdfTek-Topics_1963-09.pdf

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Thumbnail for Tek-Topics_1963-08.pdfTek-Topics_1963-08.pdf

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