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Louis Sowa, Publisher

Pete Nelson, Database

John Addis, Staff Writer

Bob Beville, Staff Writer

John Stoops, Staff Writer
John was born in Greenville, SC in 1947. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1970 with a BSEE. He went to work for Bell Labs in Whippany N.J. working on the Safeguard Missile Defense System. Bell Labs sent him to Stanford for his MSEE. John met his future wife, Marie, at Stanford. Marie, a nurse at Stanford hospital, cared for research patients including the first heart transplants in the US. After John had worked for 4 years at the Labs, Bell committed to leaving defense work. John saw an ad for engineers from Tektronix. He applied to Tek and in 1974 was hired into HFCD (High Frequency Component Development). John designed and developed the test and trim fixture for Tek’s NOVAR attenuator. This was used in the SC504. The 1-Megohm attenuator was implemented on a laser trimmed hybrid substrate. The name NOVAR was an abbreviation for “no variables”. The attenuator had laser trimmed the resistors and compensating capacitors. This saved the expense of adjusting the attenuators during manufacturing, and removed the possibility of the attenuator being “misadjusted” by well-meaning but unknowing technicians. It also provided tightly spec’d input R and input C, as well as tightly spec’d divide ratios and “hook-free” compensated attenuators. He transferred into PID (Portable Instrument Division) to work on the Bridge project, which combined an analog scope with a logic analyzer.

John was a hardware project lead for a number of high performance scopes including the 11300A, TDS684, MSO/DPO7000, P6717A, and the DPO70000SX. John had eight patents at Tek.

John retired from Tek in 2017. His interests include music (country, folk, & blues), reading, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, computers, forensics, and Christian apologetics. He is easily recognized by his colorful Hawaiian shirts.

Byron Lunz, Webmaster
Byron was born in Sydney, OH in 1948. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1971 with a BSEE degree.

Byron was hired as a Field Engineer in 1971, working out of the Dayton, OH field office. He won several sales awards and contests, and in 1976 became his district’s Digital Specialist (logic analyzers) and later MDP Specialist (Microprocessor Development Products).

In 1980, he accepted a job in marketing in the MDP business unit at the Walker Road facility. Byron left Tek in 1990. He also worked for Microtek International (previously Microcosm, an Intel spin-off), Flir Systems and Intel.

In 1996, Byron started his own successful online business, DataBack Systems LLC. In 2020, he became a TRVP volunteer, rebuilding and hosting our website and distributing our quarterly email newsletter. His interests include Christian apologetics, computers & email, 4 grandkids, and serving as senior sound tech at his church.