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August 2006 Reunion (north)

A number of us ex-Tek’s live to the north and don’t make it down to Portland very often. Gene Andrews, Marsha and I decided to put together a little informal gathering in a nice place to encourage an afternoon together. We had several from the Portland area which was nice. Attendance included:

  • Chris Curtin and Pat, — Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa.
  • Milt Smith and Evie, –Kona, Hawaii and Vancouver, Wa.
  • Dick Erath and Joan, –Portland area and SE Arizona
  • John Gates and Nicki, –Edmonds, Wa.
  • Lang Hedrick and Jean, –Diamond Point and Seattle, Wa.
  • Gene Andrews and Carol, –Sequim, Wa.
  • Neil Robin and Marsha, –Port Angeles, Wa.