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Campus photos 2008

By Ferrous Steinka, Nov. 2008

Following is an e-mail I sent out to some ex-Tek types in New York and Vermont to update them on what was going on around here (Beaverton campus).  The pictures were taken in May of 2006.  I requested and was granted permission to take the pictures by campus security.  I also wanted to take photos of the “Wall of Fame” which has/had engraved brass plates with the names of all Tek patent holders, but I was not allowed to take photos inside Bldg 50.  I’m not sure if the “Wall” is even still there.

There have been many changes being made in the greater Washington County area,  lots of ugly high density town house/condo units springing up all along the light rail.  They have torn down the church at the corner of 185th and Baseline and are building a bunch more there.  The old “Beef and Brew/Tony Romas” restaurant has been razed, nothing left but a big pit and some concrete pieces.  Don’t know what they are going to put in there.  The old Montgomery Wards store near 217 and Beaverton Hillsdale highway is gone and a new huge Home Depot and Chucky Cheeses is there now.

They have been steadily working on the Tek campus over the years and I thought I would tell you a little about what they have been doing.  All of the buildings along Millikan Way, where Education and training used to be, have been either sold or are being leased by various companies.  Tek apparently has nothing there.  Building 16, Metals, is now a Nike warehouse and Nike company store (for Nike employees only).  Building 47, Assembly West, is gone.. nothing but a big grassy field.  Building 38, Electrochem, was partially demolished and all the chemical storage tanks are gone.  Building 46, CRT, was razed about 3 months ago, and the big Airco liquid nitrogen tank is gone.  The two roads traversing the park, with a greenway in between, has been changed to one road (the one closest to Bldg 39, Assembly East).  The CRT side of this throughway has been demolished, filled, and planted with grass.  The old street signs are still there, but I’m sure they will be removed shortly.  In place of the CRT building, they are installing a recreational area with a paved jogging/running track with what appears to be a soccer field in the center.  Building 45, Assembly Cafeteria, has been demolished and basketball courts put in.  Building 48 cafeteria has been demolished and the CRT end of it is currently covered with Tyvec sheeting.  Building 48 is now occupied by Comcast Cable.  The skybridge between building 48 and 50 has been removed.